Since our foundation in 2006 we have grown steadily to meet the needs and requirements of our stakeholders .through dedication, hard work, and devotion to quality, we have developed new techniques in food manufacturing and modernized our production lines .

As a result, our services diversified our products multiplied, and our coverage expanded to the entire GCC in addition to most countries within and outside the region.
We are renowned for our superior quality products and services.
The quality and innovation has lead to high consumer satisfaction with our various brands.

By providing the highest quality products, complete dedication to our work, honesty through all endeavors allows us to maintain trust and confidence of our clients and stakholders.
And working hand in hand effectively with all respect and sincerity.
We carry a provision for innovation as this is our guide for advancement. Being one of the leading food companies in UAE, we believe that is or duty to serve our society.
We take every opportunity to honor this duty through undertaking various initiatives including, environmental support and more.

Pulses Production
From top quality crops we carefully select different types of legums, process and pack them in different pack according to the client desire using the most advances method to maintain their freshness and nutritional value and makes easily to prepare and store, the things that makes them convenient for housewives.
Yaqoot Brand
The YAQOOT brand is considered to be one of the leading and most recognized house hold brand in the region. Specialized mainly in legumes, Yaquut has deffirent products of legumes Such as Red and Green lentils, Green Moong, Yellow and Green Peas, etc ….

Services &
Our Goal is to offer the best and most relevant products that meet the needs and requirements of food service operators wherever they are .
Our vision is to become the most well reputed and preffered food services supplier in the industry, leading through our people, services and products.
Our mission is to take a leadership posting in the food services industry by focusing on customers needs and building long terms business relationships with our clients .
To meet the needs and requirements of consumers, establish and companies for high quality food products and ensure there satisfaction ot be at the forefront of new developments in food manufacturing, processing and distribution through a commitment to continue advancement, upgrading production lines and equipping our factories with the latest technologies .To be an organization that lives by its ethic and values we are commitment to international quality standards and specification unstrained development and innovative products and services.Honesty, team spirit and respect of social tradition are of most importance to us .
We also aim to provide people with a better lifestyle through or corporate social responsibility endeavors .